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We are a Canadian Aboriginal Business and Ontario’s leading company in providing services to clean energy projects

The first voyageurs were engaged in the transporting of furs via canoe during the peak of the North American fur trade. Voyageurs learned from Indigenous people how to survive in the regions they travelled and adopted many traditional methods and technologies. Voyageurs also brought Western materials and techniques that were valued by the communities they encountered. It was in this mutually beneficial union that our Metis heritage was born. The voyageurs were regarded as legendary. They were heroes celebrated in folklore and music. For reasons of promised celebrity status and wealth, this position was coveted.

Despite the fame surrounding the voyageur, their life was one of toil and not nearly as glorious as folk tales make it out to be. For example, they had to be able to carry two 90-pound bundles of fur over portages. Voyageurs often rose as early as 2 am or 3 am and were expected to work 14 hours per day and paddle at a rate of 55 strokes per minute.

It is this history and culture that drives our values today of hard work, dedication and Indigenous community involvement.

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